what do you want your future 2 sons to be ?

Be a Man ⎪ choreography & lyrics.

MBLAQ’s 6th mini album “BROKEN” photo teaser

some of rational Lee Joon’s quotes.
… just to know that he’s not a babo

Happy 27th Birthday Joon ♥

i love this whole moment ♥
in the debut days, getting ready for the live (outside) performance.
the weather is cold.
jumping around and being nervous.
calling them one by one to get their mics.
-thunder blowing on his mic-
bear-manager rubbing their arms to make them warm, telling them the prescript before going.
and again, performing in cold weather while wearing this outfit (unwarm clothes).

mblaq performing at DaeJeon Free Fesitival

it’s war band (rock) ver.