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Sadness is just sadness, it’s not the end .. Let’s pray for tomorrow

フルスイング (Full Swing) lyrics

NEWS - Winkup 12.11

Koyama: Aah. So the leader has to pay (laugh) This is a first in Johnny's right? A leader that financially supports the members (laugh)
Tegoshi: Ah, and after this when we go traveling for tours,10 minutes before we leave the hotel I'll call up Kei-chan and say 'Pack my luggage~'
Massu: How about we might as well get him to check in for us too. And he can be in charge of ordering room service.
Shige: The new butler leader (laugh)

NEWS - Winkup 12.11

Tegoshi: At that Yakiniku meeting Kei-chan had a big announcement.
Koyama: Yeah. I came out with 'I'm thinking of being NEWS' leader this time'
Shige: Everyone just normally said 'Yeah, sounds good right?' (laugh)
Koyama: But, after that something Massu said was evil. He said 'Eh, so that means that the food today is the leaders treat right' (laugh)
Massu: Because don't they say that the leader takes on that role? (laugh)
Koyama: And the 2nd evil. Once they all knew that I was paying, Tegoshi- san, what did you order?
Tegoshi: Cold Tofu and.....abalone (laugh) Ah, it was so good~~~!